April 2018 Monthly Wrap-Up

It’s the end of the month, so I’m sure it goes without saying that it’s time for another monthly wrap-up. This month has definitely been one that’s been somewhat prioritised by sorting out my review requests and getting the hang of running this whole ‘book blogging’ thing, but I don’t think there have been too many major slip-ups just yet. I’m getting there, I’m getting there, but I may be taking my time.

April has been somewhat hectic for me in regards to my personal life, and that’s not necessarily a great thing. Because I’m still new to this book blogging thing and I haven’t made all that many connections throughout the blogging community, I still don’t feel like I can necessarily share details regarding my own life on my blog as I generally don’t think people would be interested in reading about what’s up with me. Though, at the moment, it’s been decided that I’m moving back to UK – where my immediate family lives and where I studied – as I need my family as a support system for some things that I’m going through. It’s going to be rather intense, moving across the world again (we’re South African, and most of my family still lives in South Africa, so I’ll be moving from South Africa back to the U.K.) but we think it’s the best choice at the moment. But, on a less manic note, I actually somewhat ended up starting my freelance writing career. I’m still getting to grips with actually making client connections and taking on projects, but my name is getting out there slowly but, hopefully, surely. One step at a time. I want to make business cards, but that might be shooting myself in the foot. Hey, where’s the harm? 

[A LATER NOTE] I wrote this before the end of April to get somewhat ahead on my scheduling. In doing so, I didn’t think that I would be missing that much of my life at the end of April itself. That being said, I currently type this [at the time of writing, hopefully not still at the time of posting] from a private hospital ward. Last night, due to complications with my blood glucose and my heart, I was admitted into the emergency unit so that they could keep me over night and monitor my fluids, my vitals, bloods, etc. It was, and still, is not fun at all. I have a massive phobia of needles – not tattoo needles, I’m absolutely fine with those and am tattooed myself – but having an IV fluids drip in my arm for hours on end and having to get regular blood tests? Not a good combination for me. There were a lot of tears, my Mom wasn’t able to stay with me, and I was at the point of collapsing and my vision went completely. I was scared, even though I hate to admit it, but, I have to say, hospitals are boring places. I haven’t slept a wink – I’ve felt like I’ve been having a panic attack for the last 13 hours continuously. Good thing is that I get to be discharged after my current IV is finished in 4 hours, but hopefully this doesn’t happen again. 

[ANOTHER LATER NOTE] Never-mind, at the time of writing, one of the professionals think that I’m succumbing to a syndrome with a very high mortality rate and the doctors haven’t caught it early enough so she may be transferring me to another unit. April isn’t looking that great in retrospect anymore.

The one thing about living in South Africa that I do not enjoy is the fact that our internet connection here is not always the best. In terms of blogging, this means that, when I’m moving around between houses and spending time with different people, the wifi isn’t continuously reliable. Whilst I do my best to keep the blog posts and the reviews somewhat regular, not having an internet connection obviously makes this a bit more difficult to navigate. However, I was still able to get out a few reviews.

Like usual, I have been able to work my way through a series of different types of books/stories in April. I have had quite a few requested reviews, so quite a few of the books/stories that I have read have been requested, but this is good! It means that my reading is varied and I’m able to experience narratives that I wouldn’t have necessarily chosen for myself. Though, that being said, I made sure to read some books of my choice as well, to keep it even.

  • Once Upon A Time In The East: A Story of Growing Up – Xiaolu Guo: ★★★★
  • Pandora’s Succession – Russell Brooks: ★★★
  • Silently In The Night – Clayton Graham: ★★★
  • Force Of Nature – Jane Harper: ★★★★
  • Unrequited: Poetry From The Hurting Heart – Mona Soorma: ★★★
  • Mr Penumbra’s 24 Hour Bookstore – Robin Sloan: ★★★★
  • Soulmated – Shaila Patel: ★★★★
  • Fighting Fate – Shaila Patel: ★★★
  • The Inexplicable Logic Of My Life – Benjamin Alire Sáenz: ★★★★
  • Ground Floor, Second Room To The Left – Chris Sarantopoulos: ★★★★
  • Manic Kingdom – Dr Erin Star: ★★
  • Wisps Of Memory – Chris Sarantopoulos: ★★★★
  • Moxie – Jennifer Mathieu: ★★★★
  • Fragile Lives: A Heart Surgeon’s Stories of Life and Death on the Operating Table – Stephen Westaby: ★★★★



It’s time again for ‘Best Of The Bunch’ which is hosted over at Cocoon Of Books.

There are definitely quite a few good contenders for this months ‘Best Of The Bunch’ choice, but, all in all, I think I’m going to have to give it to ‘Force Of Nature‘ by Jane Harper. Even though there were other books I read this month that I believe were equally as good, I really enjoyed being reunited with the character of Aaron Falk and I found the book to be incredibly compelling to read. It was interesting, captivating, and the characterisation and development were just as good as I expected as I was a fan of ‘The Dry‘ as well. There were a lot of things I loved about the book and being reunited with the characters again was just one of the aspects that made the narrative and the story so memorable. I highly recommend it and will be posting a review soon enough!

This has definitely been a pretty good month in expanding the types of posts that are featured on the blog, so hopefully I’ll be keeping up with them!

So, as an overview, it seems that the end of April was pretty hectic, for me at least. The majority of the month was pretty chill and I was actually getting in the hang of blogging and all that, but – typically – life decided to throw quite a bit curveball my way. That completely messed up my schedule and, more than anything, I was annoyed at the lack of a reliable internet connection due to all the moving around. Then in the hospital apparently only one device could connect to your wifi account, which nobody warned me about, so I was stuck there using my phone and not being able to use the personal hotspot. Whatever, now I’m just ranting. I’m actually writing this nearly a week into May, but I have my excuses lined up for why this is being posted later than usual. I think May is also going to be somewhat hectic but hey! I’ll be returning to the UK and that means very reliable WIFI, which is always great, and I have a puppy waiting for me that was born a week ago! Things will look up, so I’m holding my thumbs.

That’s all from me. What have you been up to? Let me know! Read any books that have stood out or had any memorable experience? No matter what it is, feel free to share!

Thanks for reading this monthly wrap up and, like always, I’ll write you later.

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