Book Blogger Hop: April 20th | Review Organisation

How do you organize your books for review? Does it work for you or have you had to change it?

Ah, book reviews. I think it’s safe to say that I’m well versed in that aspect of book blogging (aren’t we all?). However, there’s a lot more that goes into reviewing books than one might think. Turns out that we actually have to make time to sit down and write the review, and not just read our way through our closest bookshop. Because I recently introduced review requests into my own life and schedule, my organisation of ‘books to review’ has shifted rather dramatically.

When it comes to sorting out my books for review, I mainly focus on what requests I currently have and what deadlines I may have for them. Because I recently starting taking on more review requests (and the slots filled pretty quickly, so I then had to close requests again), there is a definite need for being aware of my schedule and what workload I can handle at one time. As I’ve said in previous posts, I’m still very new at this whole book blogging thing, and so I’m definitely still getting the hang of things. Because I’m still getting to grips with the community and what’s ‘expected from me’, I think I feel as if I need to accept as many review requests as possible to almost ‘prove myself’ to authors and publishers. I know this isn’t and shouldn’t be the case, but I think there’s also an element of human nature that pushes us to want to impress and sometimes take on more than we can handle.

At the moment, I have a chart that allows me to prioritise review requests depending on when the requester has asked for them to be completed by. Generally, this allows me to keep track of what I should be reading or what I should try to read next so that I’m able to meet all the agreed-upon deadlines. I also work with authors who have upcoming giveaways or publishing dates, so sometimes I order my ‘books to review’ so that I am able to read and review the book so that the review itself is ready to be published on the book’s release date. Really, when it comes to review requests, my ‘to be read and reviewed’ pile really does vary on what the client has specified and what they’ve stated that they want in regards to the timeframe of the review completion.

I definitely did have the change the way that I organised my books for review when I started taking on book review requests because it was no matter a simple case of ‘I’ll read what I want and if I have thoughts to share, then I’ll review it’. Now I have to consider what review deadlines I have and what life commitments I’m going to have to write them around.

However, if we take away the deadlines and the requirements of review requests, I mainly focus on organising my ‘books to review’ based on simply what I feel like reading next. I don’t like having a specific ‘to be read’ list that deems when I must read a certain book because, if I’m not in the mood to read that genre, then I’m less likely to enjoy a book that I otherwise really would’ve liked, if only I were in the right mindset for it. Therefore, I really just go with the vibe that I have when choosing the next book to read. I write reviews for nearly all the books I get through because I have thoughts that I want to share with people and my blog gives me a suitable platform to do just that, so it’s not as if there’s going to be a lack of book reviews any time soon.

When it comes to scheduling my reviews, I want to note that not all of my book reviews are published right after I’ve read the book. To somewhat try and stick to a schedule for my blog, I do have a somewhat ‘backlog’ of reviews that I’ve already written and are drafted to be published. This allows me to keep the content (somewhat) regular (at least it does when the wifi isn’t playing up which is another good thing about moving countries yet again) and means that there is less likely to be a lag in my posts. Though, that does mean that sometimes I’ll finish a book, and the review will only be posted a month later.
This may change, though, as I’m wanting to post more regularly, but, at the same time, I’m hesitant to be posting too many reviews at once because I don’t want to find myself rushing to finish a book just to get a review out for it, you know?

But, hey, the book blogging community is a place that welcomes change, so, if I decide to switch things up, hopefully people will still be interested in the blog itself.

How about you? Is there a way that you organise your books for review, or do you just go with whatever your gut says? Or is it the case of you never thought of organising books to review before considering this question? There’s no right or wrong way to read, so please do let me know! I love hearing from you guys and interacting.

Let me know! If you’ve posted a response to the weekly prompt on your own blog, then feel free to leave a link in the comments so I can check it out!

Thank you for reading my answer to this week’s Book Blogger Hop and I’ll write you later.

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12 thoughts on “Book Blogger Hop: April 20th | Review Organisation”

  • I don’t accept many review requests these days, simply because I have such a huge TBR pile already and my personal life is pretty busy. So I just take on the ones that I’m really looking forward to reading and that I know I have plenty of time for. It sounds like you have a really organised system going, so that’s great.

    • I completely understand! Sometimes we forget that we need to take time for our own lives, and, to be honest, sometimes authors who request reviews also forget that we have other things going on too. My system works for me so far, so hopefully I don’t have to change it! Thank you for stopping by and letting me know your own answer!

    • Thank you! Having a schedule definitely prevents me from feeling too overwhelmed, which is always a good thing, especially when it comes to writing reviews as you want to be able to do a good job. Not a problem at all, thanks for checking out my answer!

  • It’s good a have a system that’s working for you. I’ve actually gone the opposite way and after 6 years the number of requests I accept has decreased a lot and I just read for fun mostly 🙂 But I keep a list and track things and try to get them posted close to release dates or in order as I read them 🙂

    • I definitely agree – it’s nice to find what works for you and what doesn’t. I’m still new to taking on requests, so I may take on quite a few less in the future and focus on my own choice of books, but I think it depends on what I feel like and my mood. That’s still a great way to track and prioritise your reading, though! Thanks for stopping by and sharing 😊

    • Thank you! Not a problem at all – thanks for checking out my own answer! Different things definitely work for different people so I’m glad my system seems to be working for me (at least so far!).

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