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Have you ever thought of writing a respectful, but angry letter to an author to ask them why they killed off one of your favourite characters in a novel?

I just want to take a moment to apologise for this week’s Book Blogger Hop answer for being posted late and, as well, I want to provide some additional explanation as to why or why not the following answer may sound like utter nonsense. On Wednesday evening, I was taken to the Emergency Room due to collapsing, heart palpations due to muscle weakness, and I was both blind and deaf. My mother forced me to go to the ER to get it checked out after I was still on the verge of collapse an hour after experiencing a somewhat embarrassing event in which I tripped over a dog cage in the dark.

Flash forward, my Mom and my Aunt had to carry me to a private hospital emergency ward bed as I couldn’t see, hear, and I pretty much had lost all of my senses for quite some time. They decided to admit me for the night (cue a lot of panic attacks and sobbing from me), and I spent the next 13 hours staring at a clock praying for the time to quicken up. Note: I have a huge fear of needles going into veins, and I had to have my IV drip put in when I was on my own, and then they had to take numerous blood tests. Anyway, the doctor there thought it was just a deficiency so she put me on a drip and said I could be discharged. However, my health care professional team (who are all private) were furious as they all said that my blood results showed that I was suffering from a syndrome with an 80% mortality rate (and that’s only when they diagnose it early enough and treat it right from the start), so I was told that if I tried to discharge myself, I would be detained and held in the hospital under the premise that I wasn’t mentally or medically stable. So I stayed another night. The thing is, because I was threatening to rip all the needles out my arms, they wanted to sedate me fully. They didn’t, because one of my health care professionals said that is the last thing she wanted to do because it would have too much of an effect on me and would slow my heart rate down to dangerously risky levels. However, one of the doctors in the private hospital (who my healthcare team were not pleased with or happy with at all, but, because they’re all private, they’re not allowed to interfere – they weren’t even allowed to see me), told the nurse to give me some ‘anti-anxiety’ medication to help me sleep and to keep me calm. I was pretty wiped out as if it was since I hadn’t slept a wink the night before and was generally running on about 70 hours of no sleep, but they gave me the medication anyway. I remember waking up at 4am to get a blood test done, but that must’ve been the easiest blood test of my life – if only they were all that easy. Cut to the next day – present day – it’s now the evening and I have self-discharged despite the horror of the rest of my health care professional team. They wanted me in the hospital until Monday, and perhaps for an additional week, but I wouldn’t stay there. My vitals and all those tests were cleared to be fine, and the miscommunication between my private team and the private hospital was all too much to try to juggle. They wanted to monitor things like my food intake, but then the private hospital wasn’t willing to do that, and they wouldn’t even let my healthcare team come and see me, so I was getting told so many things by so many different people with the mortality rate of 80% hanging over my head. It was stressful. So, I write this now back at my Grandparent’s – where my Mom and I are staying as we plan to fly back to the U.K. in the next 2 weeks, but our flights may have to be changed because they want me on bedrest for 2 weeks – and I am completely still stoned. So, that’s just a short run-down, I actually wrote a blog post in the hospital which I’m sure doesn’t make any sense, but I’ll post it eventually. Just giving you all a heads-up because I don’t feel like editing this post right this moment. I’m still very panicky, I don’t know what’s going on, and I’m tired, but I want to get this posted – even if it is a day late. Sorry.

Here’s my answer.

Surprisingly, I really don’t think that this is a thought that’s ever necessarily crossed my mind. I mean, sure, I’ve definitely had moments where I’ve wanted to throttle an author or two over treating one of my favourite characters badly or killing them off as a senseless plot point to induce some kind of ‘shock factor’, but I don’t think I’ve ever actually considered confronting them about it. Instead, I prefer to rant and rave in my discussions with either myself, one of my pets, or into the void that somewhat is my blog.

When it comes to thinking of authors that have killed off characters that I’ve liked, I can’t actually think of many, though I know that there is undoubtedly a long list of people who fall into the ‘authors’ whose asses I would kick’ category. I know Michael Grant is one of them, Patrick Ness too, and I want to say that Pierce Brown is in there as well? I’m not completely sure, but, once again, I’m sure the names will come flooding back to me when I’m not being somewhat put on the spot and having to come up with an answer right away. Kelley Armstrong, no doubt, has pushed some of my favourite characters into the ‘other side’ altogether, but this doesn’t mean they don’t still play a part in the narrative.

Likewise, you have to consider that the ‘deaths’ of these characters doesn’t necessarily mean that the character is going to stay dead. In some cases, and definitely in the case of Kelley Armstrong, those characters that ‘die’ are going to make a reappearance in one way or another. They’re not necessarily going to show up again and come back to life and you can’t always count on that to be the case (else you’re severely going to be disappointed), but you have to always be prepared that, when you think you may be seeing the last of a character, it may not actually be their final resting place.

So, this is definitely a shorter answer to than my weekly usuals, but that’s probably for good measure. Changing it up a bit. In short; no, I don’t think I’ve ever really considered writing a polite yet angry letter to an author demanding them for justification to one of my favourite character’s deaths. At least, I’ve never considered it to a serious extent. I’m sure the thought has passed my mind on a few certain occasions, even if it may be fleeting, and I wish I could elaborate and provide more specific examples, but I’m running on fumes at the moment due to a complete lack of sleep (due to being in an emergency inpatient hospital ward – tell me about it, I know), so this answer is just going to have to do at the moment.

What about you? Are there any notable authors that you would like to send a piece of your mind to when it comes to the ultimate demise of one of your favourite characters, or has your mind gone completely blank like mine? Please do let me know your own answers – you might remind me of an author who I’d also like to kick the ass of. Replied to the question in your own post? Leave a link so that I can check it out!

Thank you for reading my answer to this week’s Book Blogger Hop and I’ll write you later.

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