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What do you think your blog says about you?

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Good things, I would hope. Haha, bad joke – sorry. Wow, okay, this is somewhat of an odd question because I’ve also been considering it a lot lately in terms of what I want my blog to be focused around and what type of messages I want to get out there. This blog is still very new, I’m still getting familiar with the whole blogging game, and, with life getting in the way, I have had a few set backs in trying to get things up and running. In a sense, I don’t even know what direction I want my blog to ‘officially take’, which says quite a bit about other elements of my life as well.

At this moment in time and with the history of the blog so far, I think it’s fair to say that it shows I read quite a lot, and I have a tendency to be able to write quite a lot. I think it probably is a good indication of the fact that I love to read, but, when it comes to writing and rambling, I don’t do that on purpose. I used to write 30k word media essays which drove my lecturers mad when they had to mark them, but that’s just how I am. I write too much and find it tough to just simplify my answers, which I think must be quite annoying for people to read on a blog. I don’t know if I’m quite fit to be a blogger with how much I ramble on (note the song reference) but I’m still here and I’m still trying.

As for what I’ve been posting as of late, I’m sure that my blog says that my life is currently a state. A complete mess. Throughout the various posts, weekly Book Blogger Hop answers, and everything in between, my blog pretty much just says how I’ve been in hospital and how sick and tired I truly am of having blood tests done (well and truly sick and tired, honestly.) Along with that, there is the positive fact that it says I’m getting a puppy soon! 2 weeks, I can’t wait.

But, in all honesty, I have no clue what my blog says about me, and I think that’s partially due to the fact that I’m still trying to figure out who I am as well. I initially started the blog because I wanted a platform where I could share my thoughts and book reviews and combine my love of writing with my love of reading, so that’s where the thought originated from. However, I’m a media graduate, as I’ve mentioned previously, and I’m a huge fan of the entertainment industry so I’m considering going onto expanding this blog to explore video games and films/television shows as well. However, I’m not sure if I’d be able to make the transition without making too much of a big change – and I don’t want people to feel like the blog would be moving away from books, because it would just be including different types of media as well.

I know it’s a personal blog and I can do with it what I please, but I still feel like I’m somewhat walking on thin ice because I don’t have that much blogging experience as of yet and I don’t want to uproot and potentially ruin everything.

I’m not sure what exactly that says about me. Probably just indicates that I’m incredibly indecisive and unsure of what I’m doing – which is completely true. Though, I hope there are elements of my blog that show my passion for literature, writing, and the overall media industry (even though I’ve only mentioned things like video games in passing.)

Honestly, I think my blog is pretty cryptic because, whilst some readers will know the hassle I had with having to be in hospital and then move to the other side of the planet, I haven’t really provided much detail. Again, that’s down to the fact that I’m not yet comfortable enough with seeing the blog as my “safe space” where I can post whatever I want, whenever I want, about whatever I want. Hopefully, I’ll get there soon enough.

So, conflicted and confusing answer this week, despite the question being brilliant.

What about you? Do you think that your blog says anything specific about who you are? Do you have a certain focus, or do you use it as a platform for whatever you feel like? Any advice or tips you can give me?

Thanks for reading my answer to this week’s ‘Book Blogger Hop and I’ll write you later.

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18 thoughts on “Book Blogger Hop: June 1st | The Blogger”

  • Sorry to hear you’ve been ill! I hope your puppy boosts your spirits!
    I wouldn’t worry on what your blog is or isn’t. It’ll work itself out eventually and the important thing is that you’re happy writing whatever you want to write.

    • Thank you for the well wishes! Yeah, it’s only 6 days until we get him now – time flies, but I can’t wait!

      Thank you for the words of support. I definitely think I have to remember that my blog is my own personal platform and I can post what I want without fearing the judgement of others I completely know what you mean in regards to books being your passion – obviously they’re also a big love of mine!

      Thank you for the advice! I definitely want to expand my blog further to include other interests of mine, though I do still want it to remain as a book blog primarily at the moment. Thank you so much for the words of support and for checking out my own answer 😊 Thank you for checking out my answer!

  • We are kindred spirits, I also write wordy blog posts! I hope you’re health gets better. And eeeee, I am squealing for the puppy! I am a dog person but ironically I ended up with two cats.

    As for being undecided about writing post other than about books, I think you should go for it. You can start with writing about your favorite shows. Big blogs do it and their followers don’t seem to be bothered at all. As you’ve said, your blog your rules. 🙂

    • Oh that’s so cool! I’m worried my posts are too long, but I’m glad to hear that I’m not alone in my ramblings! Thank you for the well wishes. Aw, I also have 2 cats – they can also be menaces.

      Thank you for the words of support! I definitely think I’ll be expanding my blog further, though I’m not sure whether I’ll be doing that now or just focusing on book blogging for the time being. Thank you for checking out my answer 😊

  • Welcome to the book blogging family! I know how it feels to not know what you want your blog to say about you or how you want your blog to represent yourself. When I first got into the game, I was so nervous; I didn’t know how I wanted to showcase myself online. But as I tried different things and took some stuff out, I got my flow going and I love it now! I’m sure it’ll be the same for you; just give it time. Also, I’m so sorry you’ve been sick in the hospital. That must be the worst feeling. But at least you’re getting a new puppy! I’ve always wanted a puppy, but sadly my apartment complex doesn’t allow dogs. 🙁

    Thanks for commenting on my blog earlier:

    • Thank you! I definitely think that I’ll gain more confidence in my blog as I develop it further, so it’s nice to hear that you’ve had the same experience and similar feelings in your own blogging experience. It definitely takes a while to get your footing.

      Thank you for the well-wishes and, yes, I’m getting him in under a week now so I’m very excited! It sucks that your complex doesn’t allow dogs – hopefully in the future you’ll have the chance to have your own.

      Thank you for checking out my own answer! 😊

  • I don’t think you ramble too much. You have a lot to say (which is a good thing!) and this is the perfect place to put it! Like you said, it’s your blog and your outlet for all of your thoughts, uncensored. 🙂 I often feel like my answers are too short and try to add extra, but you never have to worry about that.

    • Thank you so much for the words of encouragement! I definitely don’t think that your answers are too short at all – I just think it’s important that we try to remember we have our own individual styles and they’re all equally great! 😊 Thank you for checking out my own answer.

  • Your blog looks great to me.

    Love the clean look and cute blog name.

    As for your questions: I use my blog for book reviews and other bookish things.

    My advice is to be yourself, think of a blog theme, and focus around that.

    ENJOY your week.

    • Thank you so much! That’s definitely nice to hear 😊

      Thank you for the words of encouragement as well. I’ll definitely be looking to expand my blog sometime in the future 😊

      Hope you have a good week as well!

  • I have only just started following your blog but one thing I definitely think your blog says about you is that you take care and time into the questions asked each week! Which I think is something I love because I get to know you more than if you had shorter answers.

    I say blog about what you want to blog about!! If you want to talk about movies or tv or theater or anything else non-book related you should be able to. I think if someone is passionate about something people with like-minded passions will flock to your blog. And if they’re not interested then maybe they’re not interested. This is something I have been struggling with also, and letting myself dip my toes by allowing myself to talk about other topics in my wrap-ups. It’s definitely influenced me into wanting to maybe do movie reviews or something. You should try it out and see how you like it! 😀

    Have a great week! 🙂

    • Thank you so much! I’m so glad to hear that people don’t think my lengthy answers are too drawn out and boring, haha. I appreciate that a lot 😊

      Thank you for the words of encouragement as well! I definitely agree that we should be able to use our blogs as platforms for all types of different interests we may have, though it’s sometimes hard to take the leap. I will work on expanding the blog in the future though, so thank you!

      I hope you have an excellent week as well 😊

  • I absolutely loved your answer (and your reply on my blog). I believe your blog shows that you are very neat and like to have things organize to the best of your efforts. You do write a lot but that’s a positive because we the readers get to know you better through your “ramblings”. I’m sorry about you being sick, but hopefully everything will get sorted out soon and you’ll get better.

    To be honest I wish I wrote like half of what you do! I think we try our best and that our efforst will pay off someday.

    I followed your blog and your insta so if you ever want to talk or just ramble a bit (jk) you know where to find me!

    Take care,

    • Thank you so much! I really do appreciate it and the words of support 😊Your answers are also amazing – I think I tend to write too much, and am always wishing I could stick to ‘short and sweet’ but fail to do so. But, like you said, we can only try our best and we all have our own individual styles, which is perfectly fine!

      Thank you for checking out my answer and I will keep the offer in mind! The same goes to you – I’m always here if you ever want or need to chat 😊

  • No worries! I have the very same problem that you do regarding writing — I tend to go on and on… I love to write just as much as you do, so it’s also hard for me to stick to shorter, simpler answers. I love detail too much for that! So we have something in common there! 🙂

    I’m so sorry you’ve been in the hospital and are having so many tests. Hope you get better soon!! And how WONDERFUL that you’re getting a new puppy in two weeks!! YAAAAAYYY!!!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

    I think you’re being a bit too hard on yourself, stating that you’re “indecisive” and “unsure of what I’m doing”. Hey, I’ve been there, too. It happens to everyone when they’re first starting to blog. I do like your honesty, though. And I want to encourage you to keep on blogging!

    I also want to apologize for the late comment back….. 🙁 Sometimes I get behind in my replies and comments back. LIFE is to blame for that, lol.

    Thanks so much for stopping by and commenting on my own BBH post!! Hope you have an AWESOME week!! <3 <3 <3 🙂 🙂 🙂

    • Glad to hear I’m not alone in my lengthy posts! I definitely know what you mean – I think too much into my answers to provide short and sweet responses.

      Thank you for the well wishes and the words of support! Thank you for the encouragement, it really means a lot. And the late replays are not an issue at all! I completely understand how hectic life can be.

      Thank you for checking out my answer and I hope you a have a great week as well 😊

  • You’ve already visited my blog and seen my answer to the base question, so I won’t go into that here. While I wouldn’t say I necessarily have a certain focus for my blog, it does stick entirely to bookish things, and the indie book world in general because books really are my passion.

    I think if you want to branch out to talk about video games and movies and such you absolutely should. If you’re really worried about losing the book community by talking about those things “too much” you could try to start with just talking about them on specific days, like Video Game Tuesdays and Movie Fridays or something like that. But if they are things you really want to blog about, you should definitely do it.

    Have a wonderful weekend.

    • I completely know what you mean in regards to books being your passion – obviously they’re also a big love of mine!

      Thank you for the advice! I definitely want to expand my blog further to include other interests of mine, though I do still want it to remain as a book blog primarily at the moment. Thank you so much for the words of support and for checking out my own answer 😊

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