Book Blogger Hop: May 11th | Picking Favourites

Could you ever pick a favourite book or is it like picking a favourite child?

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I swear, I write my answers to these questions each week in the strangest of places. Two Fridays ago I was sitting in a hospital bed, last week was more chilled out in my room on bedrest, and I’m currently typing this on a plane. By the time it’s posted later today (fingers crossed), I’ll be back home and probably wiped out from travelling. Hey, keeps it interesting, right? [Hey past Charlotte, present Charlotte here. I am incredibly wiped out, you called it.]

One of the things about being a reader who enjoys having a diverse range of reading preferences means that there’s always that thought in the back of your mind that there are brilliant and utterly enticing books that you haven’t even heard of yet. Because I haven’t heard of all the good books in the world and hell knows I haven’t read most of them, I know they’re out there. In that sense, I’m hesitant to dedicate one specific book as my ‘favourite’ because I know that there are other books that I’m going to love just as much.

Of course, there are books that I adore and do think of as some of my favourites. Take ‘The Raven Cycle’ series for example, which I think isn’t anything less than a work of art, if you will. But, then again, I don’t want to say that those books are my ultimate and definite favourites as that’s easily something that can change at any point in the future, near or far.

Likewise, I do experience that element of feeling as if I’m choosing over other books that I enjoy and, in a sense, that does feel like picking a favourite kid. I love all the books that have stood out to me and really captured my attention, but I don’t think I’m able to just point at one and say ‘there, that’s my favourite’. Whilst I’m sure some people are able to choose a favourite child, books are one of my favourite things and I don’t necessarily want to compare them to each other on that much of an extreme ‘favouritism’ level if that makes any sense at all.

It doesn’t help that I’m generally an indecisive person so continuously changes their mind on a range of things, let alone what my favourite book is. Therefore, even if I did know I had a favourite book, I don’t think I’d be able to give a definite answer because I’d still be hesitant around changing my perspective on the book and, in turn, changing my opinion.

Oh, we’re starting our descent now. It’s about time. Being an expat means you have to deal with a lot of long-haul, international flights, and it truly does suck. Maybe I’ll do a post about that sometime if anybody would be interested in reading the ramblings of an expert expat flyer.

Anyway, what about you? Do you have a favourite book that you hold above all others, or are you hesitant to deem one as ‘the best’ because it’s like choosing between your children, metaphorically (or, if you have kids, literally)? Let me know your own answer, I love to see the difference in opinions and perspectives throughout the community, and if you posted your own response to this week’s question, feel free to leave a link and I’ll check it out.

Thanks for reading my answer to this week’s ‘Book Blogger Hop‘ and I’ll write you later.

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30 thoughts on “Book Blogger Hop: May 11th | Picking Favourites”

  • I can understand holding out on picking favourites for books that you haven’t read yet, and not picking favourites akin to picking favourites among children, but yeah, I have my favourite books, just because they were so freaking amazing and they introduced me to those authors! Thanks for stopping by! Happy reading!

    • Yes, exactly! I’ll always have my preferred favourite books/authors/series due to the fact that they’ve somehow played such a big part in promoting my love of reading. Despite not being able to pick a favourite, I’ll always have some.

      No problem at all! Thanks for stopping by my own answer. 😊

  • OMG…..I was SO sure I had commented back on your blog for this week’s question….. I apologize for the VERY late comment! 🙁

    Anyway…..I totally agree with you on picking ONE favorite book. I just can’t do it!! I do have a list of favorites included in my post, as you know. But these were just the first ones that came to mind. I know there are many more! Each book, like each child, has its own unique and delightful characteristics, so picking only one as “the best” is just totally impossible!

    Thanks for visiting my blog and commenting on my own BBH post!! <3 🙂

    • It’s no problem at all! Life has been somewhat hectic for me, so I’ve been having a tough time keeping up with comments which is unfortunate, but I’m getting around to it!

      I completely agree! There are so many elements to a book that you need to take into consideration if you’re even approaching the struggle of trying to choose an ultimate favourite. There are far too many different things to take into account to decide on only one favourite, so I definitely can’t do it.

      It’s not a problem at all! Thank you for checking out my own post and letting me know what you thought 😊

    • Thank you! And, oh, absolutely. There are way too many aspects to having to choose a favourite book that I think it’s a completely impossible question, at least for me personally. My favourite book can change depending on my mood, so I can never just decide on one! Thank you for checking out my answer and stopping by 😊

    • I actually do have a tattoo! Got my first one just after I turned 17 and I don’t regret it at all – at least not yet. I love tattoos, but I completely know what you mean about being indecisive about them. There are a lot more than I want, but then I’m too indecisive to decide. Then you have to decide where you want them – agh, I just do it impulsively. Thanks for checking out my own answer! 😊

  • I definitely CANNOT pick just ONE favorite, either! Which is why I made a list of my top ones. But there are many more lurking in the background that I didn’t mention in my post, though! Lol.

    At top of my list are three fantasy series, so I definitely have more than five favorites.

    I don’t have any kids, but, if I did, it would be just as hard to pick one favorite. Books are like children, like well. At least, mine are, since I LOVE to hug and kiss those I totally ADORE!! Lol.

    Have fun traveling! I am terrified of flying! Otherwise, I’d love to hop around the world, too! 🙂

    Thanks for sharing!! Also, thanks for commenting on my own BBH post!! <3 🙂

    • Oh, I completely agree! Way too many to choose from, and way too many books still to read to choose just one favourite. I think choosing a favourite kid would actually be easier if I ever choose to have any, haha. Thank you! I’ve been travelling since I was born, though, since I’m an expat, so it seems like more of a chore now. No problem at all! Thank you for checking out my answer 😊

  • You know, as a parent of more than one child, I think other parents in the same boat who say they could absolutely never choose a favorite kid are lying, not only to themselves, but to everyone else. Not that I think there’s ever going to be a definitive winner of the favorites race amongst the children, but if analyzed daily, I think there is often a daily winner of the title of favorite child. Like yesterday, my son was my favorite child because when I said it was time to do schoolwork, he went and did schoolwork, while my daughter decided we needed to spend the next two and a half hours fighting over doing schoolwork. Obviously I still love her, but yesterday, she was not my favorite. And I really wish it was socially acceptable for parents to express these feelings out loud.

    Have a wonderful week.

    • Oh I completely understand where you’re coming from! Whilst I don’t have kids and rather still feel too young to seriously start thinking about them, I think those feelings are completely justifiable! I think a lot of parents feel like they’re ‘bad parents’ by choosing a ‘favourite’ – even if it’s only their ‘favourite’ of that specific week – but, in reality, having preferences is all part and parcel of life.

      Thank you for stopping by! Have a great week too! 😊

  • Haha!! I’m also very indecisive. It was easier for me to just pick some that I would recommend to several people when I worked at the Library. I also hate flying too!

    • Same here! I just cannot decide on a single answer to a question like that. It’s way too difficult and there are way too many options! 3 – 4 hour flights are actual god-sends in comparison to having to do long haul so I don’t mind them. I’ve done journeys of over 25 hours before and they just exhaust you to no end!

  • Ahhh I am also incredibly indecisive, so I relate!! I still need to read the Raven Cycle series, I hear amazing things! Great well thought out answer! And thanks for stopping by my post! 🙂

    • I put off reading the series because I didn’t want to think that it lived up to all its hype, but now it’s one of my favourite ones at the moment, so I definitely recommend checking it out! Thank you and it’s not a problem at all!

  • My Dad used to be an expat and we travelled, mainly around Asia only…not around the world, and I have a huge love for travelling because of it. It’s so enjoyable people watching. As an adult I haven’t travelled much but would love to change that.

    I always love your Blogger Hop answers, so in depth unlike my 1 sentence answers 😂 also glad your better.

    Angelica @ Paperback Princess

    • I do love being able to see different parts of the world and experience different cultures/traditions – especially because there’s quite a bit of culture to explore when you come from South Africa – but I don’t like the progress of having to go through flights and everything. Flying and airports give me so much anxiety, even though I’ve been on planes more times than I can count. I was in a wheelchair this time, though, which meant I got to skip all the security checks and queues, so at least there was that. Travelling is great! I just don’t like flying. I really hope you do get the chance to travel more as an adult – it really is a great way to make memories, though life understandably gets in the way sometimes.

      Thank you so much!! I’m always so scared they’re way too long for anybody to want to read! Thank you 😊

  • I hate flying. I know it’s faster but I love driving even though it takes about 7 hrs to get from PDX to Vancouver (Canada) I just don’t have the patience for people in airports and security checks. (that one SLOW person that doesn’t do what they’re told even when the officer yells it out..arrgh)

    • I completely know what you mean. I’m an expat and I live in the UK, but I’m from South Africa, so I’ve grown up having to fly from one side of the Earth to the other and it is hell. I don’t know how people enjoy it. I wish driving there was an option instead! Road trips are just so much better because you actually have the option to stop and take a break whilst, in a plane, you can’t exactly just exit. Plus, all the people and the cramped leg room – no thanks. Since my stint in the hospital, I was required by doctors to have medical assistance at the airport as they didn’t want me standing in long queues and potentially collapsing again, so I had to be in a wheelchair which meant that I got to miss all the queues and I actually didn’t have to go through the metal detector or anything. At least there was that! But no, it’s never fun. I wish technology would hurry up and make teleportation a possibility haha

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