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I was delighted to see that I had been tagged by the wonderful Kara over on Bernard’s Book Blog to take part in the ‘Book Blogger Insider Tag‘. Thank you for being so kind and tagging me! This is actually the first tag that I’ve actually been tagged in – so hopefully that means I’m not doing too terribly in reaching out and being proactive in the book blogging community! You can check out Kara’s own great answers on her post here, and make sure to check out the creator of the tag A Little Slice Of Jamie too! 


Answer the questions below

Credit the creator: Jamie @ ALittleSliceofJamie

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Have fun!

Here are my own answers to the ‘Book Blogger’ insider tag.

1. Where do you typically write your blog posts?

It really depends on what mood I’m in and where I am. That sounds strange but sometimes I feel more productive sitting at a desk but, at other times, I’ll prefer to write in bed. A lot of the time, I have my laptop within an arm’s reach, so I’ll just grab it and start writing when I feel like it despite where I am. I’m also in the process of moving country (yet again, at least for the time being) so I won’t be living in the same house and, in turn, won’t have the same writing nooks. So, everywhere and anywhere, I suppose is the easy, short and sweet answer.

2. How long does it take you to write a book review?

I’m pretty good at getting reviews out at a fairly quick pace. What I mean by this is that I can write them quickly, but then they’re added to the list of reviews that are yet to be published so it may seem like I take a while to get the review out after adding the book to my ‘read’ GoodReads shelf. I would say that it usually takes me around 20 minutes to 45 minutes to write a full review, if I’m not distracted whilst doing so. It also depends on the book though. If I really enjoyed it and have a lot to say, then writing the review is going to be a lot easier than writing a review for a book that I struggled to get through or pay attention to.

3. When did you start your book blog?

I officially began this blog mid-February 2018, so very recently. I’m still very much getting the hang of running it. I’m definitely trying to sort out a schedule and interact with other members of the book blogging community, though it’s obviously taking me a bit of time to get comfortable with the blog itself.

4. What’s the worst thing about having a book blog in your opinion?

Oh wow, I really can’t think of anything bad about having a book blog. So far, it’s been really enjoyable and I’m definitely loved writing blog posts, book reviews, and interacting with the community! It’s definitely given me more direction in my own life and it’s something that I can really put effort into, so I’m loving it overall. Though, I would say that, at the moment, one of the lesser enjoyable things of having a book blog is trying to come up and maintain a schedule – especially when you may have other things going on in your current life. I want to focus on my book blog above all else, but I can’t always do so. As a book blogger (can I call myself that?) who has recently offered to start taking review requests, I found that some requesters believe that you’re going to immediately drop everything and read their book at a moment’s notice. This is more upsetting than being a bad element of book blogging, however, because it seems sometimes people forget that we have other responsibilities as well.

5. What is the best thing about having a book blog in your opinion?

I think the best thing about having a book blog is the outlet that it gives me and the passion that it brings to my life. I have such a big love of reading and books, and I feel like I’ve really begun to find a community where I fit. The blog motivates me to interact with new people and make new connections, so it’s really helping me be more proactive throughout the book and reading community in general. I also think that having this blog has allowed me to grow my confidence – albeit not all that much quite yet – in speaking out and sharing my own thoughts/opinions. It’s given me a platform to really care about and it’s something that I can call my own, so it feels as if it’s worthwhile. Plus, it’s a hell of a fun and writing is one of my passions so that’s also great.

6. What blog post have you had the most fun writing so far?

This is difficult because I really don’t think there’s one specific post that I have enjoyed writing more than the others. I think my first monthly wrap-up (which was my March 2018 wrap-up) was pretty fun to write because it allowed me to feel as if my blog was really coming together. It put my work into more perspective and it was generally fun to be able to recap on what I’ve posted so far as it also gave me further ideas for how I want to improve and progress the blog in the upcoming months. Though, I love writing all the various blog posts for their own reasons, so this isn’t a question that I really have an answer for, I’m afraid.

7. What is your favourite type of blog posts to write?

I love writing reviews, and I’m sure that’s fairly evident due to the fact that my reviews can go off on quite a tangent. If you’ve read any of them, you may’ve noticed that I end with ‘thanks for reading this short review’ despite the fact that, quite a lot of the time, they can end up pretty longwinded. I also love partaking in tags, as well as weekly memes, and so forth. Really, I love writing all types of blog posts because they can all mean and share something different with the community. If it’s a book review, I can share my thoughts with others, and if it’s a monthly wrap-up, I can recap how the month has been. All blog posts are fun in their own way.

8. When do you typically write?

Whenever I am able to and find the brainpower within myself to! I love writing a lot, but, every now and again, it also takes quite a lot out of me, so I write whenever I’m able to spend the time and have the motivation to. I’m constantly on my laptop, so I do write at least some time every day. When I’m reading, I tend to make notes on my phone so that I can jot down my thoughts and expand on them further once I’m writing the full review. Of course, there are times where I’m more proactive in writing than others because I’ll have a blast of inspiration and then I’ll want to write down what I have to say quickly before I completely forget my train of thought. Certain days, I do feel too wiped out to write, though, in some form, I will still write to an extent.

9. How do you write your book reviews? With a cup of coffee or tea? With Netflix? Cuddled up with your fur baby?

I drink tea like I’m getting paid to, so, without a doubt, I’m probably having quite a few cups whilst writing up a book review. At the moment, I’ve been writing quite a few reviews with the aid of my aunt’s kitten who has a knack for lying over keyboards. However, since I’m moving country to live with my immediate family, I’m sure my review writing experience will be changing once again. I’ll be reunited with my cat and my dog, so they’ll probably be helping! I’m also looking to get a puppy once I get back, so that may stretch out the amount of time it takes me to write reviews, knowing how distracting they can be.

10. When do you write your book reviews? Right after finishing the book? Two weeks after finishing the book?

I do try to write the book review right after finishing the book itself because then it’s fresh in my mind. I’m still going to be thinking about the book itself, especially if I enjoyed it, so I’m going to have more to say. Though, of course, sometimes I’ll finish off a book before I go to sleep, and then I’ll try to write the review in the morning. Sometimes I do get sidetracked by reading and find myself lagging behind on completing my reviews, but I can usually catch myself before it gets too bad. As I said in an earlier answer, when I’m reading I do make notes and put down my thoughts so that I don’t forget them all when it comes to writing the finished review. Often this reminds me enough to be able to follow my train of thought back to when I was reading the book, but, every now and again, there are things that I’m going to forget to mention. So, to try and make sure I cover everything, I try to write the reviews as soon as possible. If I really don’t enjoy the book, though, when I’ll probably try to put off writing the review for longer.

11. How often do you post?

Now, this is where I’m currently struggling because I’m still trying to find my footing in regards to how often I actually should be posting. I’m not sure how often I have to post to maintain a proper upkeep of the blog itself, and, I don’t want to not post often enough, but then I don’t want to run out of content too quickly. At the moment, I try to post at least 2 – 3 times a week, and that’s can either be a book review or a weekly meme or a wrap-up. Since the blog is still new and I’m getting it all underway, there are a lot of memes and blog posts that I want to partake in, but I haven’t had the time to do so just yet. I want to be posting more often soon, but I think that’ll only happen when my own life has settled into a bit more of a stable rhythm than it is at the moment. It, of course, also depends on the length and the type of post that I’m sharing. Shorter posts and simple updates are evidently a lot easier to get written and posted than lengthy discussion posts or opinion pieces.

This was really nice to be able to partake in! Thank you again to Kara at Bernard’s Book Blog for being kind enough to tag me. Please feel free to do so again, haha! It really has been great to be able to interact and get to know other members of the book blogging community, I can only hope to do more of it.

For the continuation of the meme, I am tagging the following:

Karoline @ Okbo Lover

Leslie @ Books Are The New Black

Kris @ Boston Book Reader

Christy @ Christy Lau

Ashley @ Ashley In Wonderland

Did I do that right? This is my first time tagging people in a tag, so please let me know if I messed up at all! 

However, don’t feel pressured to do it! And if you haven’t been tagged and would like to partake, then I tag you too. If you do feel like answering the questions for yourself and posting it to your own blog, please leave a link so that I can check out your answers! Or we can just chat here if you wish to chime in. It’s always good to hear from you guys!

Thanks for reading my answers to this tag and I’ll write you later.

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