March 2018 Monthly Wrap-Up

Thinking about how fast the beginning of the year has gone and that we’re already at the end of March is actually creeping me out a little bit. It’s strange that every year, time seems to go faster because it takes up a lesser portion of our time. Think about it – if you’re 10 years old, one year is 10% of your life. Though, if you’re, say 25, then one year is 2.5% of your life. There’s my math done for the month – that’s the quota filled so we can move on now. I won’t confuse you further or try to spiral you into a crisis regarding how time is a social construct and doesn’t really exist. 
Anyway, let’s look at what’s been happening in the month of March, even though I’m sure that it’s going to be a messy pile of random posts as I’ve been trying to get the hang of this whole ‘hosting a blog and regularly posting’ thing. 

Looking at my life, it’s all pretty much been focused on this blog and reading which obviously goes hand in hand quite well. This has been quite a month for ‘InkBlottings’ – in the respect that this is the first monthly wrap-up that I’m posting. For me, March has been a month where I’ve really tried on getting this blog up and running and finally trying to figure out my way around WordPress. I’m getting the hang of it – slowly but surely. Of course, it’s taking some trial and error, and I don’t necessarily have a guidebook to refer to, but I don’t think I’ve done too badly. I haven’t caused the entirety of the internet to turn against me, nor have I been outcast by the bookish community, so we’re okay for now. On that note, I’ve also begun to interact with a lot more people who are also part of the book community – whether that be on GoodReads or on different blogs themselves, which is always a nice thing. Because I’m trying to get more involved in weekly blog memes or posts, along with generally trying to become more proactive on GoodReads groups and the like, I’m definitely finding myself interacting with a larger amount of people. It’s great because I’m able to make connections with the types of people who are interested in the same things (or at least similar things) that I am! Imagine that! People actually are willing to let me rant about a book I read or a character that I fell in love with (or perhaps completely despised). So, generally, that’s something that I want to work on either further and hopefully gain more confidence to put myself out there more.

Now, I admit that the reviews this month weren’t posted all that regularly and, though that’s my fault, it is due to the fact that I was still getting the blog up and running and I’m still getting the hang of the whole schedule thing. Though, I do think that I got a good number of reviews out, though hopefully, this number will continue to increase as I get into some of a comfortable routine. 

I’m hesitant to start listing all the books that I’ve read each month because I don’t consistently post the reviews for them right after completing the book itself. I’m still getting the hang of the whole schedule thing if you didn’t catch it the first few times that I have already said it. But, since I already mentioned trial and error and all that, let’s give it a go. If it doesn’t work, it doesn’t work, and we’ll pretend it never happened.  
  • P.S. I Still Love You (To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before #2) – Jenny Han: ★★★★
  • The Circle – Dave Eggers: ★★★★
  • When Dimple Met Rishi – Sandya Menon: ★★★
  • The Loneliest Girl in the Universe – Lauren James: ★★★★★
  • The World of Lore: Monstrous Creatures – Aaron Mahnke: ★★★★
  • I Am, I Am, I Am: Seventeen Brushes With Death – Maggie O’Farrell: ★★★★
  • Always and Forever, Lara Jean (To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before #3) – Jenny Han: ★★★★
  • The Cruel Prince (The Folk of the Air #1) – Holly Black: ★★★★★
  • Gold Shadow (Bronze Rebellion #1) – L.C. Perry: ★★★★
  • The Miseducation Of Cameron Post – Emily M. Danforth: ★★★★
  • The Immortalists – Chloe Benjamin: ★★★★
  • Gather The Daughters – Jenny Melamed: ★★★★
  • Lullaby – Leïla Slimani: ★★★★
  • A Mark Unwilling (The Reckoning #1) – Candace Wondrak: (Rating TBR)
  • Ebba, The First Easter Hare – Leen Lefebre: (Rating TBR)
  • Once Upon A Time In The East – Xiaolu Guo: ★★★★
I really liked this idea when I stumbled across it over at Cocoon Of Books and I’ve decided that I want to feature it in the monthly wrap up. It’s difficult for me to make up my mind regarding what books I prefer over others, though I wanted to give this a shot and see how it goes! It’s nice to recap the month and figure out which book stood out to me the most. 

There were two main contenders for this month’s ‘Best Of The Bunch’ but, all in all, I have to award it to ‘The Cruel Prince’ by Holly Black. There was just so much about the book that I liked and was able to completely get lost in – it was completely memorising and captivating in all ways. The character building, world development, and narrative progression were all done wonderfully and overall made for a special, magical read. I highly recommend it and I do hope that you’ll check out the review once it’s posted shortly in the future!

Again, not much in this category, I’m afraid – but we’ll get there! We’ll make progress. Just stick with me, and if you have any suggestions on what weekly or monthly blog memes or posts you think I should take part in, then let me know! I’m always looking for inspiration and new ways to interact with the community, so drop me a line. 

In case you missed it, reading ‘The Circle’ gave me quite the crisis and caused me to go off on a tangent and write a discussion post regarding the current state of society and the advancement of technology. I posted it on a whim, but I was still interested in what people had to say and, frankly, it’s definitely a topic that we should be paying more attention to. 
I think that’s all that’s been happening in my life and on the blog this month. Not all that interesting but hey, sometimes we need to take it a little slower. Of course, there’s been a lot going on, but nothing of import that’s good enough to make the cut for this post. In the upcoming months, as my life develops and the blog develops too, I’ll be adding in sections regarding what creative writing I’ll (one day) get the courage to post, and what news is happening in the book community. Though, for now, March has been all over the place, but that’s alright. 
What have you been up to? Let me know! Have you read any good books lately, had any memorable bookshop experiences, found any rad blog posts, or did you just chill and get around to rewatching that series that you’ve been putting off for whatever reason? Started anything new (like me and this blog) that you’re proud of or trying to figure out? No matter what it is, feel free to share! 

Thanks for reading this monthly wrap up and, like always, I’ll write you later.

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