Review Request Policy


I am usually always available and ready to do reviews, though please read over this review policy if you’re considering contacting me regarding an enquiry.

Review Copies I Accept

I accept both physical and digital versions, whether they be ARC, Galley, or finished copies. My preferred digital format is PDF or .mobi.
I’m happy to consider reviewing self-published books or books published through indie publishers as well – I’m completely open to all different types of publications.

Genres I Review

I’m really not picky regarding my genres, though I do prefer; young adult fiction, contemporary, fantasy, mystery, thriller, horror, paranormal, and science fiction. However, I will consider reading any type of genre as I don’t necessarily have any restrictions as to what I’m open to. Books aimed towards children are ones I’m not particularly keen on.

About My Reviews

My reviews can take a lot of different tones and that’s due to the fact that I make notes on the book as I read it, so I may be in a variety of moods or mindsets. Though, I can promise that all my reviews are completely honest – which means that, if I don’t enjoy a book or any specific elements of it, I will say so. I try to ensure that my book reviews are of a good quality and, whilst that may not always be guaranteed, I can ensure that the review will be completely truthful, informative and detailed. In the review itself, I will also provide the book with a rating and recommendations for what types of readers it may be best suited to. If the book has yet to be published and you would like me to include a publishing date, I will do so, and, of course, there will be a short synopsis of the plot at the start of the review itself.
Even if I do not like the book, I will most likely still write a review for it unless there is a major reason as to why I have a problem with the novel. I try to finish all books I read, even if I have issues with them, though if for whatever reason I choose to stop reading the book before finishing it, I will still write a review and provide feedback as to why I made that decision.

Review Completion

When I have a review request, I usually do prioritise the book and the review over other books I may be reading or other reviews that may be scheduled to be posted. This allows me to get the review to the author/publisher as quickly as possible to suit their deadlines/time frames. This means that as soon as I finish the book and complete the request, it will be posted shortly in the following days, and I will keep in contact with you to provide updates as to when it’s scheduled to be posted as well as when it has been published to ensure that you are happy with that timeframe and that process.
There are times where I may require a longer period of time to complete a review due to other life commitments, though this will be discussed with you directly if you have a specific deadline for the review itself. Of course, if you want the review completed for a specific date or within a specific time allotment, that is something that I will take into consideration and do my best to adhere to.

Review Distribution

All my book reviews will be posted on this blog – – along with being posted on my GoodReads. If there are any additional sites [such as Amazon] that you would like me to post the review on, I will happily do so unless I am unable to. The review will be advertised on my social media platforms – which you can find links to on the blog – and the book may be featured on my Instagram page, though with permission from the author/publisher. If for any reason you do not wish for the review to be posted somewhere, please let me know in the details you provide in your enquiry. Of course, provided that credit is kept intact and noted [and a link to the boo is provided] authors/publishers can also repost the review and use it as they wish.
As the review is my own work, I will be keeping it if I happen to want to use it as an example of my work for future reference or as a writing sample. If you have any problems with this, please let me know.

Interested? Contact Me!

When contacting me, please provide your name and the genre and description of the book that you are requesting I review. I will do my best to respond within 1-2 days if I do not get back to you on the same day. Even if I am not interested in reviewing a book or cannot commit to doing so at that moment in time, I will be in contact and let you know. If you are considering requesting a review in the future or just wanting more information, please feel free to get in touch at any time.
Thank you for considering getting in contact and I look forward to hearing from you!

Review Request Template

Author Name:

Book Title:

Book Genre:

Book Word Count:

Book Format:

Specified Request Deadline: [NOTE: I maintain the right to complete the requests in my own time and change the time of completion. If no request deadline is specified or suggested to be discussed, the review will be completed whenever I am available to do so and I will take my time.] 


Additional Details:


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